Intimate Organics Wild Cherries Flavored Lube 4 Oz/120ml

Relying on natural fruit extracts for sweetness instead of the usual aspartame and similar chemical mishmashes, the ground-breaking Intimate Organics line presents a delicious collection of flavored lubricants to entice and delight the senses. Along with mouthwatering combos like chocolate mint, vanilla caramel and toasted macadamia nut plus popular favorites like wild strawberry, dessert is taken care of, along with all the heat you'll need for the night. Each version heats gently on contact with skin (and tongue), the sensation intensifies when blown on gently and with touch, making it a fantastic massage aid. As always, Intimate Organics shuns the use of potentially harmful additives in these fruity, nutty and dessert themed lubes that not only make oral exploration tasty and sweet with no weird aftertaste, but also provide lots of slick, slippery moisture to sex and foreplay. 

Anyone with sensitive skin, or who is simply mindful of what goes on and in them will adore the gentle water soluble formula that won't make a mess of you or your sheets or clothing, it's made with a naturally derived glycerine that's gentle and non-irritating. This lube is safe to use with condoms and other latex products, and most toy materials. 100% vegan friendly, containing gentle aloe and other certified organic extracts with no animal based products. Safe to ingest. Bottle holds 120mL (4oz) of lubricant. 

Aspartame Free
Certified organic ingredients
Paraben free
Naturally Derived
Pure Vegan

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