How does a condom work?

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Condoms stop the sperm from reaching the egg. It creates a physical barrier - this barrier makes sure fertilization (pregnancy) does not occur. Apart from being made mainly of very thin latex rubber or polyurethane, male condoms contain a lubricant, as well as a spermicide that either destroys or damages the sperm. Extra spermicide is also available in most pharmacies. 

To use a condom effectively - to prevent an unwanted pregnancy by using a condom - the penis should not touch the vagina before the condom has been placed. A man does not necessarily have to ejaculate for sperm to come out of his penis; this can happen before ejaculation. 

Experts say that the use of condoms significantly helps stop the spread of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) or STIs (sexually transmitted infections). It is important to remember that oral sex is also a route for STDs. The condom must be placed correctly before sexual contact is made, and removed immediately after ejaculation.