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For Men
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EROS Extended Love Glide Top Level 3 in 100ml

EROS Extended Love Glide Top Level 3 is a water-based lubricant for even longer-lasting and more int..


Forever Yours 2 Oz Tube Mint

When you want your physical intimacy times to last and last, apply a small amount of Forever Yours d..


Lean Muscle - 30 Capsules

Do not endanger yourself by consuming counterfeit Lean Muscle which might contain hidden drugs and h..


Liquid Sex Oral Sensations Gel Mint 4 Oz

A tasty and ultra-smooth oral sex accessory from Topco's Liquid Sex Collection. The Oral Sensations ..


Lure Unisex Pheromone Cologne

Lure Unisex, Pheromone Cologne Pheromones send out silent, subconscious scent signals that natura..


M4M Arousal Exciting Sex Gel 1 Oz

Maximize your sex! Increase penile arousal for exciting sexual pleasure with the Max 4 Men Max Arous..


M4M Prostate Gel 0.5 Oz

Max 4 Men Max G Prostate Gel .5 ounce. Max G Stimulating Male Sex Prostate Gel features: paraben fre..


Max Attract Hypnotic Pheromone Cologne 1 Oz

Entice potential playmates with Classic Erotica's Max Attract Hypnotic Pheromone Cologne, an ultra-l..


Max Vitality Performance Stamina Treatment 2oz

A daily-use, penis enhancing formula from Classic Erotica's Max 4 Men collection, the Max Vitality S..


Maximus Enlargement Cream 1.5 Oz

Achieve stronger, harder erections naturally. Maximus® Enlargement Cream is formulated to help incre..


Optimale Pher-Moan Enhancement Gel 0.5 Oz

Increase your masculinity and attraction! Made with natural ingredients, OptiMALE Pher-Moan Enhancem..


Plump Enhancement Cream 2 Oz

Discover the Sex God in you with Plump Enhancement Cream for Men! Doc Johnson's new Plump Enhancemen..


Pure Instinct Pheromone Infused Solid Perfume

Pure Instinct Solid perfume, is modern take on the most ancient form of fragrance. It’s virtually un..


Roaring Tiger Pre-Performance Wipes

Unique New Formula with Yin Yang Huo (Horny Goat Weed/Epimedium), used in China for thousands of yea..


Ultra Maximum Delay Spray

This is a water-based spray formula that helps prolong sexual pleasure for those with hypersensitivi..


Ultra Maximum Erection Cream 0.5 Oz

This is a water-based topical cream you apply directly to the penis to delay climax and keep you pou..


Yummy Cummy - Makes Semen Taste Sweeter

Yummy Cummy safely alters the flavor of male and female ejaculate, adding a semi-sweet, fruity taste..