Aneros Prograsm Ice Prostate Massager

The best-selling top selling prostate massager that's managed to completely revolutionize the idea of the male g-spot,  the full sized Progasm Classic offers up a fantastic shape that easily stimulates the prostate gland, also known as the P-spot.

The anal area has one of the highest concentrations of nerve endings in the entire body, not to mention the male g-spot itself, the prostate gland or 'P-Spot. Stimulation of the prostate and surrounding area can result in what some men have called the best orgasm of their lives, or the 'Super-O'. The Progasm was designed for hands-free prostate massage, and unbelievable sensations stemming from stimulation of  this orgasmic, often unexplored area. Featuring a bulbous, expertly designed head, the curvy, contoured shape was researched, tested and specifically created to massage the prostate easily and comfortably with contractions of the pelvic and anal muscles. 

At the base, you'll find two extensions, one of which will stimulate the perineum while the massager is inside you, while the other acts as a handle for comfortable insertion and placement. The trick to mind blowing orgasms with the Progasm seems to be this; let your body tell you what to do. The best way to use it is slowly, taking your time and letting your body adjust to the sensation. Thanks to a hands free design, you'll be able to enjoy this massager in almost any position, so get into one that feels comfortable for you, and relax while slowly contracting the sphincter muscles around the head of the Progasm, drawing it naturally inside. One fully inserted and positioned properly, it'll automatically massage the prostate- you should not have to use any manual pressure or movement, in fact, doing so may be uncomfortable and isn't recommended.

Some men report achieving a 'Super-O' right away, while others need time to get comfortable with the experience. Once you're used to the sensation of anal penetration and prostate massage itself, you'll be use the massager with a partner during sex. Some men say that it helps them last longer because they can focus on sensations other than those of the penis, and some say that it makes them harder. Pleasure aside, massage is thought to improve prostate health, so you can't really go wrong.

The Progasm is a larger sized Aneros anal toy, if you're an anal/prostate massage  beginner, check out other Aneros products for something in a more appropriate size. Any great water or silicone based lube will be compatible with this toy, use lots for ultimate comfort and pleasure.


Length: 5.25"
Insertable Length: 4"
Girth: 4" at largest point
Width: 1.1" at largest point
Materials: Glass
Special Features: Phthalate Free
Color: Clear

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